Sunday, December 23, 2007

I am a Daring Baker....

I am a Daring Baker. I have joined the ranks of those who dare to bake something each month that is a little out of the comfort range. Each month we are given our assignment and a deadline. We then bake away and, on the designated day, post about the entire baking experience. This month, we are baking a Yule Log. A genoise cake, filled, rolled and frosted with buttercream. And no Yule Log is complete without the mushroom garnishment--either made of meringue or marzipan. I have looked forward to this challenge since it was issued. I have dreamt of the filling I would use--this is one of the few variables in the Yule Log equation allowed. I finally settled on the flavors last night and made my last minute purchases. I will have a Chocolate Genoise, filled with Raspberry Whipped Cream and frosted with a Chocolate Buttercream. I had made the Meringue Mushrooms Friday night with my sister and fellow DB'er, Julie (found at
I went into the kitchen just now to bake my chocolate genoise and decided to be an even more Daring Baker. I am daring to wait until Christmas Day to make my Yule Log. I am too tired from delivering gifts to friends today to begin the baking process. Plus, I want the Yule Log to be served on Christmas Day and just don't have room in the fridge to keep it until then.
So I dare to wait to bake until I am a little more ready to give it my full attention. I hope that this isn't considered too much of a faux pas in the Daring Baker world. I am committing now to complete January's challenge early in the month. But sometimes a little sanity is more important than chocolate Yule Log. (I really must not be feeling well to have those words cross my mind--nothing is ever more important than chocolate!).
I was going to post photos of the process of making my Meringue Mushrooms. I still haven't assembled them. Julie took the photos and loaded them to my computer, but I don't know where she saved them. She will be here for Christmas, so until then, imagine the most marvelous meringue mushrooms you've ever seen. They pale in comparison to ours. :)