Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cooking with Pineapple

My family decided to start a cooking club, so once a month we get an ingredient, a type of food or recipe that we all have to make and post about it. It was my idea, and I decided that we would choose the food to cook from oldest to youngest. So that means, my mom was first. She decided we would all cook with pineapple--fresh, canned, juice, whole....whatever we wanted, but it had to be pineapple.

I decided to grill fresh pineapple and make a pineapple chicken salad.
First, I cut the pineapple into wedges, sprinkled them with lime juice and grilled them for about 4 minutes each side.
I originally was going to use a recipe I got off Food Network's website, but I decided to modify it.
I grilled chicken with salt and pepper. Actually, Darrell grilled the chicken.
Since he doesn't like fruit, I made brown rice for him to eat with his chicken. I decided to add some rice to my salad, so I started with brown rice, added my chicken, snap peas, jicama, mandarin oranges, sliced almonds and a honey-lime vinaigrette that I made with honey, lime, rice vinegar, salt and pepper. I thought it was good, but I decided that the dressing and the pineapple didn't quite match. Here are some photos!